Monday, August 24, 2009

because it is there...

1965 panhead. being mechanically neglected by the owner. it's not customer's bike nor shinya's bike. a total volunteer work.

it has a weired disease, he says.
but doctor kimura will never
give up on his patient...

oh, i remember now!
this symptom is one of the chronic
diseases of pan's, dr. kimura said.

the healer


the next, it's not done yet.
shinya wanted to make the sissy bar
1/2 inch shorter
"because it looks better that way,"
he said,"i know that no one cares about
this 1/2 inch but i do
and i can't pass it up."


although building motorcycles and make them running are part of shinya's profession, it was obvious that it was not the money that motivate him and i knew it. but to see it with my own eyes gave me goose bumps... it's no exaggeration to believe that shinya is dedicated his life to make things look cool and running... shinya was trying to laugh it off and said "i guess it just the curse of mechanics to challenge to make it running and is curse of artists to make a thing 1/2 inch shorter." ah!


Paul said...

yeah! lets go riding now!...when i get back

menacing ayu said...

Paul: where are you now?