Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the end of the beginning...

'65 panhead & him before

'65 panhead & him after

they belong to each other...

if you are happy, we are happy.

keep on riding, iz!

i know. it was a cool bike the way it was and our friend iz looked great on it. he has had this bike for a loooooong time. no matter what. this change was shinya's way to celebrate iz's brand-new start. oh well, variety is the spice of life...and don't worry we can put it back the way it was anytime. always respect the original.



junkmotor said...

Incredible volunteer works !
Me my pleasure Shinya using few sand cast parts from us ♪ many thanx .
I knew this volunteer need lala pain since izumi who owen this motor cycle.

menacing ayu said...

junkmotor: those parts look great on izumi's motorcycle!! thank you agian :)

Larouche said...

very cool, great to see your on two wheels again Iz. We miss you Shinya, you ready to ride to see the albino guitar player again

menacing ayu said...

Larouche: shinya says he does miss the albino guitar player more than anything!