Monday, December 28, 2009

get giddy...

found a red kennedy at the sunday swap meet.


all the springs out from the knucklehead.

and the paint off from the front end.
this is supposed be my job. removing paint.
but i felt dizzy today 
so just watched shinya doing it...
was a OK job :)


t said...

Do you use that airplane remover stuff to remove paint? The toxic goo that comes in a can or something better? Sometimes the airplane stuff doesn't always peel the paint off. I was doing the same thing today but the paint was winning.

matt@machine said...

yeh that stuff stinks badly....but i always give it a good rub with 60 grit sandpaper before i apply always seems to penetrate better t...whats your secret ayu?...

menacing ayu said...

t & matt@machine: i wipe the surface with acetone to remove all the oil and then warm it up a little bit before applying whatever the remover shit especially during the winter time. and just wait until they come out. rub with sandpaper sounds like a good prep. i'll try next time, matt!