Tuesday, December 29, 2009

she's in a cranky mood...

 ah oh,
at the thrift store parking lot...

amigos started to gathering around the datsun
so we decided to leave her here and walk home.
gosh, was only a five-minutes walk :)


came back to pick her up after dark.
it started all right. 
at least we could make it back to the workshop.

big smile :)
still needs to do something about 
the ignition coil resistance, shinya says. 

(much easier than el camino tranny, bozi!) 



t said...

Easier than the Van radiator?

Anonymous said...

You made me smile this morning Ayu...have a good day funny guy.

vincent said...

Ayu and Shinya

a tip for 2010: don't play no more with old vehicles.
I think you are not so lucky with them. Go the next Hunydai garage and check for a new Pony with all options, a way to easier luxury life !-)

kengosuzuki said...


menacing ayu said...

t: hell ya! jail van radiator replacement is a life threatening!

Anonymous: bozi? have a great year!

vincent: will you promise us not to make fun of us when you see us driving a brand new kia next year?

kengosuzuki: ついに反抗期が来ちゃったみたい、不良少女と呼ばれて・・・高部知子みたくなっちゃったらやだね。

vincent said...

Yes i promise if the is car is pink !-)

happy new year to you

Bozi said...

"Anonymous: bozi? have a great year!"
Yes, was me, you always make me laugh at the write time. El Caminos new name is Anti Christ.

menacing ayu said...

Bozi: hahaha :)