Friday, March 19, 2010

oops, i did it again...

oh, not pinto. but i did 70's again. i was looking for AMC cars, earlier model pinto, and i even thought about british (MG) and italian (FIAT) but i finally chose this one for my next car. drumroll please...


1975 plymouth duster!! 225 slant 6.

1975 プリマス・ダスターでございます。225の直6。

shinya took me to escondido with his datsun
and i drove this duster back to azusa.
distance of approx 80 miles on freeway 
without any troubles. 
say goodbye to funny noises.
oh, and 160 miles of a round trip with no trouble,
datsun, you rule!


although it's my new car, shinya looks very happy
because...he highly recommended this one 
when i was mulling over so many choices.
that means...he wanted this one.
it's all right. i really like my new car.
very 70's huge front with slender rear.
that's my kind of car.


i removed this decal out of my pinto
and put it on my duster!!

ピントに貼ってあったchico motoステッカーを

i thank all people who gave us those valuable info. sorry for all the fuss. finally the search is over...for now. yay!



matt@machine said...

congratulations ayu....that car is sweet,...

Preussen-Krad said...

nice car - many work ;-) good luck. Don´t buy a Fiat!! In Germany we say "FIAT: Fehler In Allen Teilen" i try to translate: "Error in all its particulars".

Greetings from Germany, Hangover. I think shinya know Hannover ;-)

TP said...

Nice sneakin in right under the '76 smog requirement.
I think shinya can make a bitchin intake like one of these...

but here's a quick way to burn more gas!

congratulations though,
I had just seen this one on craigslist,
it woulda been creepy to have a similar car!

have fun!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ayu on your new ride! Hot beige is an undercover color.
The 225 slant six is tougher than a 2 dollar steak. I predict many miles of happy motoring.

Bozi said...

What a perfect choice.

Nice clean Duster, soooweet.

menacing ayu said...

matt@machine: thank you!!

Preussen-Krad: thank you for posting from Germany!! Hangover in Hannover? i didn't buy FIAT so it's ok. :)

TP: OMG! shinya had been looking for that '76 datsun!!

Rockford: thank you very much!

Bozi: yes! it's not pinto but i think this is THE ONE. thank you for your help, anyway!!

t said...


Much better than the banana pacer.

Wonder what the salt flat recoed for a Duster is?

menacing ayu said...

t: i'm ready and willing for the record, t! i Duster is not ready but I am!