Thursday, April 22, 2010

"am i doing this right?"...

oh, here comes the happy machining time!
all professional advices are welcome :)


 turn off female threading
using the right cutter this time, i hope.


 "mmm...i'm satisfied. but i'm not sure
if i could get the "WOW" from M.
have a long road to travel..."shinya mumbled.



Anonymous said...

Master Shinya,

You must have done it right because the stacks look tremendous!
Here is something you can try the next time you need to machine internal threads. First install the threading tool upside down, (just turn the tool over). Keep the point on center. Next position the tool to cut on the farside of the part,(but still on the inside). Now run the spindle rotation in reverse. You will also need to reverse the rotation of the lead screw.
This way you can better see the tool since the tool is cutting on the farside of the part and is in plain sight until the tool travels deep through the part. Another advatage to this system is that you can leave the compound rest set at 30 degrees to the right just like when you external threads.
When you cut internal threads on the close side, you have to strain your neck to see the tool touch the part. Again on the farside the tool is plain sight.
I hope this makes sense. It is hard to explain with only words.
Best regards Master Shinya and thanks again for sharing your art with the world.

malcolm said...

WOW! (<---I threw in an exclamation point for effect) They look great.

Anonymous said...

Great job! I'm glad to see that you got it sorted. Threading on the lathe is a great skill to have. And making swarf is fun.

Don't forget to do something to keep those velocity stacks in place. They typically vibrate off after 100 miles. (try loctite, safety wire, or punch a flat on the last thread).

To spin the parts, there is a better tool than those Channel Locks here:


Anonymous said...

Im not machine smart like the above gents, so Ill just say those are Dead Sexy Stacks.
I like that they have a bit more length to them then traditional ones, very nice. The MV motor is such a nice looking motor, those are a perfect addition.

けん2 said...


shinya kimura said...

Rockford: thank you for sharing your valuable advice. please do not call me master because you are the master!

malcom: OMG, i got a WOW! from you? thanks. we love you and miss you.

occhiolungo: thanks! since i had been racing vintage motorcycles in japan for long time and i've been participating in land speed races last 3 years in america, i'm pretty good at safety wiring parts:) i do have that tool but i also use the cheap channel locks, too :)

Bozi: thank you. ahhh, MV motors...i can't stop looking at it!

けん2: ネジ切りしただけやのに、あーだこーだ厳しいこと言われとるんやで。ナメリカは恐ろしいとこやで。ワシはMやから快感やけどな。

Swagger said...

Shinya san, please wear eye protection. It would a bad day if swarf (chips) get in your eyes.

shinya kimura said...

Swagger: are right

John@DCW said...

Hey Rockford/Shinya. Just wanted to add something about threading. You can only really thread in reverse the way rockford described on a lathe that does not have a threaded spindle. If the chuck is threaded onto the lathe (I can't tell what kind of lathe Shinya has) and you cut threads in reverse you run the risk of backing the chuck off of the spindle and having it either fall on your work or if it's spinning fast enough it can be chucked at you. You should have a camlock or L0 spindle to cut threads in reverse.