Tuesday, June 15, 2010

on a charge of being charger...

z's charger!!


 T brought Z and a beautiful girl with him.
thanks T!


 soooo cool


i'll trade, Z!



matt machine said...

t....beautiful girl.....nice charger.....clear blue skies....ill trade too cause its -4 here in the morning....

budoka said...

wow! 1968 Charger. beautiful for sure. i still have a 1968 Roadrunner and 1972 Roadrunner in Kentucky. and i sold a 1974 Cuda 2 years ago so i could buy my Knucklehead.

you're making me homesick Ayu San! good job!


Hamamatsu1978 said...

Mopars. Got hooked
immediately when I saw 'Vanishing Point'. But anyway, back to motorcycles. Today new issue of german motorcycle magazine 'MO' was on display at a local newsstand. Small picture of Shinya and motorcycle on cover.
Big story and big pictures inside.
Had to buy it. Have an idea: will trade german motorcycle magazine for cool Chabott Engineering T-shirt! Can't wait for grand opening of merch. #95015 150mghcl

menacing ayu said...

matt@machine: haha :)

budoka dan-san: i'll trade my duster with one of your Roadrunners. we might be passing by Kentucky during the cannonball :)

Hamamatsu1978: oh, merch...so sorry to keep you waiting. we are totally out of t-shirts now. when we get new t-shirts or any merch items, i'll let you know. thanks!