Thursday, July 22, 2010

thought shinya got another indian...

with a light one kick,
it sounds much more better and stronger now.
wait a looks different.
is this a different indian?


shinya ground the piston heads 
to reduce compression.
will reduce little bit more, he says.


ahh! it's a same indian.
shinya just put a little blue on the body
and decal on the tank.
yup yup, shinya knows there are 100 more things
need to be done before the race.
just a little breathing time...

そ・し・て・ ちょっぴり青を塗ってみました。


t said...

that sounds good!

jam'zgarage said...

嘘でしょ?? キック一発? 本当だったら凄い!! しかも格好よくなってるし。。 熱中症でダウン 

menacing ayu said...

t: yes!

jam'zgarage: キック1発なう。嘘みたいだけど本当でっせ。熱中症?やばいよ、そんなんじゃ、雹、雷、湿気、豪雨、竜巻の南部を通過できないよ。お大事に。

budoka said...

it does sound a lot smoother and stronger now. it's coming together little by little.

i dig the blueing on the body too. has a nice feel for a bike with so much history.

sometimes you have to slow down in order to go faster.

good stuff!

Stevey said...

Such an amazing project, really can't stop watching these vids, it's like someone took all the inspiration in the world and shoved it into Shinya's ear. Ridiculous.

menacing ayu said...

budoka-san: "sometimes you have to slow down in order to go faster" EXACTLY!!

Stevey: :)

Stevey said...

You know Ayu, I have to thank you in a huge way too, you keep everybody up on all shinya's work, and I'm sure your support keeps him greasey handed and happy,

High Five Ayu!

Alright now I have to start taking lessons in Japanese Because I have to be able to read all the other half of stuff you have here!!

; )


menacing ayu said...

Stevey: thank you! i just couldn't keep what i see here to myself...:)

Indian said...

Look at his hands! Damn. Wish I was that motorcycle!