Saturday, September 18, 2010

at the goal, old fort harley-davidson...

some people have been concerned about our score. we've been completed all the stages so far but there was a 100-point deduction on stage 2 for switching rider. it's one time thing to be fair with other teams who only have one rider. we really don't care about the scores at this moment but some people want to know. mystery solved!

we are lucky enough to have no MAJOR problems so far but shinya and niimie have to work on the indian every night to get whatever it needs to be done to run another 200-300 miles next day. but again, it's not just us. just look at these pictures. this is right after the finish at old fort harley-davidson in fort smith, arkansas. usually we do this in an open air parking lot :)


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Charlie101 said...

Thank you, thank you AYU! Great report that put smiles from ear to ear! now I can sleep well. You fly the INDIAN flag high with just the right kind of spirit and is my favourite team. I send you best regards from Sweden!

Christos said...

Yes, glad to see the mystery solved. So much work, yet it looks like so much fun. You are right the score doen't matter, hope you the Indian makes it the whole way. Also my fave team.