Thursday, September 16, 2010

indian valve dorm

if anyone has or know someone who has front valve dorm for indian til 15 model, please let us know. it's not for us but for other indian participants they lost their second dorm and having hard time to find one. we all want to ride to the finish in santa monica together so any info would be appreciated!

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caleb said...

you guys are getting close to OK!

if you come anywhere near weatherford, OK
73096 and can or need a place to wrench and
sleep my house is here for you guys!!

go go shinya!

Jefu said...

Michael Leonard (indian guy AZ area). not sure if he can help but might be worth a call.

try to post something on the Jockey Journal as well some indian folks on there too.

menacing ayu said...

caleb: thank you! i'll let you know if we pass your area.

Jefu: thank you so much! i'll give this info to our fellow indian rider and mechanic.