Sunday, September 5, 2010

no time for antique hunt....

in oklahoma!

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Bozi said...

Theres always time for Antique's, best finds are in the middle of no where.
Enjoy the trip there you guys.

SakéRacer said...

poor boyz!


ayu, i hope u were joking on the title!!!
u let them in for a while...didnt u???

SakéRacer said...


calebwilkerson said...

This is literally 20 minutes from my house and just
down the street from the loft of my best friend!
no shinya! come back!
email me on your way back thru!
you can crash at my house and eat all my food!

menacing ayu said...

calebwilkerson: OMG! that's crazy! we won't pass through here on the way back, though. wish we knew...:<