Sunday, September 12, 2010

shinya's plan...

the afternoon portion of stage 3 will be one of the most difficult stages with steep climbs and descents. we can just ride the first half and receive a score for the miles that you actually run or try the whole course to get more points. however if we decided to run the whole thing but couldn't complete the run, we'll receive a Did Not Run. have to decide before the start. our decision is go for it! can't give up without trying. if shinya and the indian could not make it, we just get no points, that's all! in the rain.


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Anonymous said...


This seems like it would be a blast. Good luck on the trip back.

Christos said...

Yes, go for it! Winning the race is secondary to just having the experience. If you don't win, you can still look back on the ride. If you don't ride it all and end up winning, something will be missing. Cheering for team Chabott!

Anonymous said...

Yes by all means go for it!
Life is supposed to be about the living. BONZI!