Thursday, October 28, 2010

midnight flits...

what happened to the too-big-to-be-true tool cabinet that shinya found in oklahoma? well, it WAS too big and didn't fit in the workshop, of course.


 he just found a space for it now.
 i guess shinya's gonna keep 
all the sprockets in here.


 and...some wires.

you only got these to put in here?
i teased him.
"oh, i'll find something to put in here 
tomorrow," shinya said.
tomorrow? ah, thursday swap meet...



Stuka said...

Hahaha...brill..happy hunting :)

shellie said...

thats very funny...however they do look kinda cool and the one with sprockets looks arty...i ought to hook shinya up with my 83 year old grandmother she cant get enough of second hand stores either and she lives in duarte...hahaha...sorry im a dork!

Bozi said...

antique & second hand stores are the the best thing ever. I love looking for iron, brass, pewter,etc parts that to things that need a new home. Old worn wood is wonderful too.

Jason said...

Shinya is bound to be the next BIG "Interior Decorator". The boxes look great! It was great shopping with you guys today. Thank god for your cart!

Lonnie C. said...

Just goes to show ya, where there is the will, there is a way!

menacing ayu said...

Stuka: thanks!

shellie: your grandmother and shinya will be a perfect couple!

Bozi: so many inspiring things are hidden there :)

Jason: nice to see you there! thank you for stopping by the workshop afterward.

Lonnie C: yes, indeed!