Tuesday, October 19, 2010

shelter from the rain...

 when it rains, we go to thrift stores.
when it clears up, we go to thrift stores.
when it's cold or hot, we go to thrift stores.
when there is a box, shinya will get it.


なぜ箱を買うのか?そこに箱があるからです。by 木村氏

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t said...

I got another kennedy a week ago at a swap. 5bucks. I'm only up to 4 though..

menacing ayu said...

t: good deal! the kennedy collections will grow at the double the speed after 4 :)

Mr. Rötten Scavanger said...

just great! wish we had so many thrift stores around spain....

keep up the good work!

SakéRacer said...

bravo shinyaaaa


@ayu: check the chabott mail!!


Alfred said...

A lot of thrift stores over there! Whish I could say the same about the place where I live!

menacing ayu said...

Mr. Rötten Scavanger: oh...how about swap meets or flea markets in spain?

SakeRacer: thanks for your email. if that was shinya then the girl next him might be me. lol the bike was not his either...oh,well

Alfred: not much thrift stores around you? that's a bummer!

SakéRacer said...

come on ayuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

u really cant say if it is u&shinya???

i say it is not!!!


i will ask the rest of the friends here...

SakéRacer said...


menacing ayu said...

SakeRacer: i'm pretty sure that they are not us, for god's sakes!

SakéRacer said...


i had no doubt my dear!


u made me laugh now, with this last reply!


big hug to both!

SakéRacer said...


from bubblevisor blog