Sunday, November 14, 2010

feel the junk motor spirit...

ok,he did it again!
got a package from T-san of junk motor in japan 
these velocity stacks are pro series No.3
thank you t-san <3

junk motorのTさんより
 ヴェロシティー スタック プロ・シリーズ#3届いた!
ありがとう!! テーシャツもありがとう、ラブTさん!


junkmotor said...

I hope good for your next try for flat speed !
Good luck Kimu & Ayu ♬

Chris said...

Junk Motor makes the coolest stuff!
I love it!!!

shellie said...

velocity stacks? yes i wikipedia'd learning so husband aked me if i was gonna start building mototcycles too...he is such a smart a$$!

menacing ayu said...

junkmotor: Tom! thank you as always. can't wait for the next race to see how it works. 目指せ200キロ!ありがとう。

Speed Shop Design: yes!

shellie: hahaha, we never call them velocity stack. shinya calls it "funnel" and i call it "cover thingy." so now you're gonna start building motorcycles, shellie? hehe

shellie said...

hahaha....i think i like cover thingy the best...really no building for me but i could carve one in linoleum!