Monday, November 8, 2010

the front fender incident...

 long story short, shinya's datsun got
a damaged front fender. caused by me.


 the body is so thin to repair
so shinya had been searching and 
found a pair of front fenders.


now it looks like this.
shinya is happy so i won't say anything.



Bozi said...

Oooops. Smile & Bats your eyes at the body shop next door & see if they can make that gold.....after the duster's done ;-)

Do you need a bumper , valance & marker light for Datsun, I may know someone..

shellie said...

now you can paint it turquoise when its done....i love old cars in that color...someday i hope to have an old dodge van i can paint turquoise( i think its a dodge) kind of looks like a parallelogram on wheels...

Bozi said...

Shellie, the color you speak of is 1966 Desert Turquoise. My friend Has a Dodge scooby van, painted that color. I just ordered a gallon of that color a week ago to paint my Chevy Van :-) Going to do some cream panels on it with gold leaf lettering for my new Bizz. Should be retrolisous when done.

I digress...poor Datsun :-(

shellie said...

Bozi thanks so much...i never knew it was desert turquoise...that name is even cooler...and i am jealous about the van...poor datsun but it is on its road to recovery!

TP said...

Just save that sticker and everything will be okay!

けん2 said...


Alfred said...

I had a Datsun 100A (long ago). Great drive and I liked it, but it rusted away :-(

SakéRacer said...

poor lil datsun!!

shinya kimura said...

Bozi: if your someone has it, let me know. thanx!

shinya kimura said...

shellie: desert turquoise will be perfect for the datsun but way too nice for me...

TP: yes, thank you!