Monday, December 27, 2010

how come people like to categorize and turn everything into concept?

 did maintenance on the silver wasp


 the last ride until the next maintenance.
gonna miss you, wasp...



Anonymous said...

お~~い! ちょっと、ちょっと~~! そっか・・なんか、サンタさんからプレゼントがあるみたいですね!! あ~、まじめに生きてて良かった~。  最高!!


menacing ayu said...

N美氏: え?新・チャボバンのこと?今から旧チャボバンをジャムズ宛で港に運ぶ所。でも、あんな長いの日本で乗れるかなあ?

Anonymous said...

んん・・? いりませんけど・・。 別に。


Alfred said...

I don't know exactly what you mean by the title, but I think it means that people want to understand art by labeling it?
"You make modern art?" "Or do you make realism?" "Ah, you build motorcycles! Choppers? No? Caferacers then?"
That sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

With all respect for the bike , but that Van behid the bike really rules ! Ford Econoline year ... ?
Regards from Belgium

Emmet said...

A blizzard just rolled across the Northeast, and I see you have sunny skies... Damn you West Coast! *shakes fist*

menacing ayu said...

Alfred: ah...i just wanted to say that i want to feel it before labeling it...sort of thing. anyway, thank you for asking :)

Anonymous from Belgium: it's 1969! you have good taste!

Emmet: take care :) hehe