Sunday, December 19, 2010

the sun, please come back here we need you...

it's been raining all week and our workshop smells like an old antique, it's more like a basement of the old antique shop. humidity, max.


1. the front window of our van has worn weather strip. it's like raining inside the van. 

2. shinya's cortina has no working wiper. 

3. my duster has no front and rear window moldings yet so it has the glove box full of water and soaking rear seat now. 

4. shinya's datsun's driver side window won't go up all the way + has worn weather strips.

5. no motorcycle riding. 

no wonder we aren't big fan of rain.



shellie said...

here here! i our whole yard is now green like a big green monster ready to eat us and our house....we have no hardscaping on our half an acre and weed whacking is the last thing on my husbands mind!oooh the joy....

t said...

tell me about it

menacing ayu said...

shellie: surrounded by green...we envy you ;)

t: now we know how you feel...

Davidabl said...

Old saying: "The shoemaker's kids have no shoes."
And something like that is going on here..