Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what keeps you warm during the winter season?

apple cider? egg nog? i know...it's not even cold here in socal but shinya and i get intense cravings for zenzai. it's one of a japanese traditional desserts, hot red bean soup with mochi. although it has been like a summer the last couple of days here, our brain sense the seasonal changes...zenzai zenzai zenzai

ここ数日夏日のような気候が続く南カリフォルニアですが、冬になると断然食べたくなるもの、ぜんざい。アメリカだとアップルサイダー(温)とかエッグノッグを飲んで温まりますが、それはそれでいいんだけど、そーじゃない。ぜんざい、ぜんざい、ぜんざい! そして断固ぜんざい、という思いが奇跡を呼ぶ。

 just received from japan. ah~ zenzai
someone could read our minds...



Jet said...

zenzai ga daisuki desu! totemo umai!

shellie said...

coffee and warm spiced wine...but not together...i love the way mochi looks especially when its light green or pinkish...but the texture kills me everytime...

Bozi said...

That doesnt look like dessert.
Chocolate pie & coffee is dessert :-)

Hope alls well.

menacing ayu said...

Jet: umai umai!

shellie: warm spiced wine, that sounds perfect! every year during the first three days of the new year in japan, there are at least 20 people choke to death, a piece of mochi got stuck in their throats. but we still love mochi...

Bozi: i like chocolate pie & coffee but it's not a dessert, it's a meal :D