Friday, December 31, 2010

zen garage...

 we had very fun night last night. met many great people there. thank you for having us, Eric and JANM especially Clement. the museum will let people in for free on Jan. 2th, too, so stop by if you get a chance :)

 shinya was very embarrassed to see 
himself on the wall...

 hi, mod eater!

 Len's honda super hawk!
 love this bike!

 Len & shinya

 shinya, Len and Erik

 david chow's art work

 super famicon car



shellie said...

looks like fun!!!

Bozi said...

That looks like a really neat collection to look at.
Congrats on the beautiful exibit too.

menacing ayu said...

shellie: get well soon!

Bozi: thank you :)