Sunday, January 30, 2011

it was like a jewelry box but i wanted it in B&W...

because there were blue-red-white drop curtains all over around the cars and was too flashy. oh, it was at the 62nd annual grand national roadster show in pomona.

第62回 グランド ナショナル ロードスターショウ ポモナにて。鮮やかで美しい色が集まって宝石箱のようだったけど、いたるところに垂れ下がった赤・白・青のトリコロール垂れ幕が全てを台無しに。なので、白黒。


 i like to see them on the dragstrip
where no ropes are around them...


 it said it was based on a malibu!
buick streamliner of 1948 by Norman E. Timbs.

あ、1948年にNorman E. Timbsが作った

 ford GT 40

porsche 356


sgeechee said...

Nice pics...but the second from the end is not a mercedes, it`s a porsche 356!
Nevertheless, keep up the good work!

menacing ayu said...

sgeechee: that's right! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Ayu.

menacing ayu said...

Rockford: THANK YOU!!

G.Scholl said...

The fourth one from the bottom is a Buick Streamliner of 1948 by Norman E. Timbs.

Still a pleasure to visit your blog!

menacing ayu said...

G.Scholl: thank you!