Friday, January 14, 2011

nighttime wandering...

 shinya tried to put a new wheel on.


 put all wheels on and went out for a test ride.


azusa canyon in orange.


 grabbed some tiger tails


at the "hat"...
no, it's not what you think.
just parked the green car and took a picture 
there. no pastrami sandwiches, no onion rings
no chili cheese fries, no heartburn.


found something lighting up in a dark 
shopping plaza.





matt machine said...

the creepy one is the man on the right in the last photo ....who is that ayu?.....errol flynn?....or brian ferry?.

matt machine said... sidetracked by wigs....shinya...cortina looks good...i had gt mark 1 with original minilights....magnesium alloy....lots of holes....were falling apart...and only 13inch...your are better i think..

matt machine said...

sorry...keep remembering things...does it pop out of second gear on de-celleration?.

Alfred said...

Very creepy.
The donut shop I mean... ;-)

The shape of the Cortina reminds me of a Triumph Dolomite, which is odd, because they are totally different...

Need some sleep, I guess.

shellie said...

im laughing because i might be scared...oh the wigs and the heads..i have trauma from that kind of stuff but the car looks FANTASTIC and so do the tires or the rims or whatever you call them...yeah right another late night light meal aye? just kidding....i can only eat at the hat once a year because its just too much!

Anonymous said...

i was going to say go for 'minilites', but then i figured maybe not very available on that side of the pond.

also, that would be 'teaching my grandmother to suck eggs'; shinya san scores another hole in one, wheels look fie.


magnumleigh said...

Creepy shop indeed! I like the new wheels (Turbovecs or similar?) but I'd love to see the car on some Lotus Cortina wide steels and hubcaps, be lovely against that green paint

Gaijin Engineering said...

hooo the wheels look great!

shinya kimura said...

matt machine: it has cross ratio 5sp mission so it doesn't pop out of second gear on de-celleration.

Alfred: different but they are both sheepwolf kinda car!

shellie: one of the heads was a real head! hehehe

59: i like minilites but 70% of cortinas are wearing minilites...

magnumleigh: these are "vector". i agree with the Lotus wide steel idea but 29% of cortinas are wearing them...

Gaijin Engineering: thank you. i wanted to be the 1%.

matt machine said...

so your a 1% ter shinya!