Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a rain van...

 it rained again on the 2nd.
none of our cars were raintight.
so we tried Niimie's new van,'69 ford.


 the motor is sticking out too much...


the passenger's seat is so tight :)

でも、そこが可愛い。雨でも快調です、jam'z van!


shellie said...

oooh but its so fun being in a non rain tight car....i had a volkswagon like that in my youth...i feel so old now.

menacing ayu said...

shellie: beetle?

shellie said...

yes... a 1978 convertible and periwinkle blue to boot...it was a fun car to drive around in the summer...my parents had a couple when i was young and this was the last one...my mom taught me how to drive stick in it in approximately 2 hours before they left town on a camping trip at one point i had stalled out at a stop sign and some man pulled up pointing and laughing at me...it was 1988 and i was 18 years old and stalling all the time all over town...i even got pulled over...what a fun memory i am actually laughing right now...sorry that was so long.

menacing ayu said...

shellie: thank you for sharing your bug story. i learned how to drive stick when i was 16 around same era (so we're coeval) and it was in san francisco...not a good place to drive stick shift...was scary but it's a fun memory,too :)