Thursday, February 17, 2011

your ride is here...

 picked up the mod eater...

and the spike from japanese american 
national museum in downtown LA.

thank you all who actually went down 
to the show. thank you, Eric of giant robot.
thank you, Len Haga.
thank you, Clement and JANM!!
ok, end of the grammy moment...

日系人博物館でのzen garageも無事終了。spikeとmod eaterを
giant robotのE、日系人博物館の皆さま、お疲れさまでした!


Tse, G. said...

I first saw the popular video of you and Spike, then I was in Little Tokyo on the last day of the Zen Garage. Truly inspiring, now I am saving up for motorcycle lessons and hopefully have time to learn more about them too.

Thanks for sharing Spike with the world.

menacing ayu said...

Tes,G.: wow! that's amazing! thank you.