Sunday, March 27, 2011

a toolful toolbox...

sorting all the tools out from
a toolbox full with tools.
even when shinya wants only the box,
swap meet guys usually say
"take them all!"

sometimes you will find really good tools
in there.  sometimes...not.
but shinya enjoys sorting small things out
from the old toolboxes.



Alfred said...

Maybe he needs more boxes ;-)

menacing ayu said...

Alfred: oh,man!

Anonymous said...

Well you know it is not unlike a treasure hunt. Most of the time it is a pile of made in China imitation tools. But... On the rare occassion that you stumble on a Armstrong, Cornwell, Indestro, J.H. Williams, Mac, Proto, Snap-On, Starrett, Wright etc.., then it is all worthwhile.

jefu las vegas NV said...

nice score kimuran san....

shinya kimura said...

Rockford: this time, i got some made in USA tools including Proto!

jefu las vegas NV: thank you, jefu!

Anonymous said...

Score! Proto is a fine tool indeed, made in L.A.! And still in business.

SakéRacer said...

i love doing the same thing...
but not with toolboxes!!

i have several boxes, full of stuff, since my school years!

every once in a while, it's so funny to take a look inside them!


it's something like a treasure hunt for me.. even though those boxes r mine!
full of surprizes!!!

menacing ayu said...

SakeRacer: hahaha :)