Friday, March 11, 2011


if you need to communicate with your loved ones in Japan or if you are in Japan right now and need to let your loved ones to know that you are safe, or if you have any useful or current information regarding this disaster, please use here as a message board.  we know that the most people in need don't have the access to the internet and there are twitter and mixi and many people are utilizing them to exchange information and to communicate with each other...but still... we've gotta do something. Japan, you're in our prayers.

good way to find people:
twitter (
mixi (
google person finder ( thank you for the info, sakai-san! 

shinya's family in tokyo, chiba, saitam and okinawa are ok. my family in tokyo are ok. we appreciate your concern. many friends in aichi are ok. Gonz, Isobe-san, Eco-chan in tokyo are ok. izumi is ok. O-san of M-Style and his family in Ooarai(tsunami victims)are ok. many other people, hang in there!





Bozi said...

I keep hoping its not as bad as it seems.

Sakai said...

People can also use Google Person Finder (


kevin said...

praying for all those in need. hope you guys family and freinds are ok.

Anonymous said...

I hope that all of your friends and family are safe.

TP said...

Wow, the images of destruction.
That wall of water, wow.

Jason said...

I got an email from Makoto of M&K and he and his family are safe.

menacing ayu said...

Bozi,kevin,occhiolungo, THANK YOU!!

sakai-san: thank you for the info!

TP: it's way beyond all imagination...

Jason: glad to know that they are safe. thank you!

xeltox said...


In Europe, we pray for Japan and their population in this times of great need.


SakéRacer said...

i've seen the images and the videos in the news on tv...

what a disaster!
so sad!


all i wish is strength(in body and mind) and some good luck to the survivors!


and RIP for the ones who're gone!

menacing ayu said...

xeltox and SakeRacer: thank you.