Thursday, March 24, 2011

i don't collect anything...

motoyan and his crews are back from the second round of Tokyo-Kesennuma delivery of supplies. motoyan rules!


mocha machines in different sizes...
i'm not collecting them.
i use them all.



GuitarSlinger said...

Best Espresso Pots ever made . Grand Mother ( Italian) taught me how to use them when I was Five Years old and I've never even looked/considered the Computerized Gizmo Riddled over priced monstrosities of today .

Simple . Elegant . These last forever ( albeit a bit hard to clean ) And still make the best cup ever .

Great cup of Coffee . Leica M6 by my side . Great music from the Stereo or me ( no iPods here ) A good book ( currently re-reading Persig's " Zen and the Art of ..........." )

Toss in a great M/C and life just isn't so bad in spite of what's going on in the world .

Make the best of what you've got and share whenever possible .

My iron Hell said...

They are the best!
I have nr3 for indoor use, and nr4 for camping! Popped my rubber this weekend in France, but luckily they sold some in the local supermarket! Pfioeee!! Camping without coffee from my nr4 makes me wanna drive straight home.

Beer, Bait and Ammo said...
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Beer, Bait and Ammo said...

Shinya once told me that his favorite part of his shop was your bar area. Now I see why. BTW, anything over 2 is a collection.

Luke Inazuma said...

Excellent choice!
I understand it sounds strange abroad. But in Italy anyone's got at least a couple of Mokas: usually a small one and a bigger one when you need more coffee.
The original make is "Bialetti" and this is still the best brand despite several copies on the market. There is also an electric type, very useful if you don't have a fire around (ie. in the office), and the coffe is exactly the same. Moka's coffee is still one of the best expresso-like you can have without using a proper expresso machine.
Honestly, as when I ned coffee I need it urgently, I use a nespresso machine... It's strange how, at the end of the day, in Italy we always end up using something coming from abroad (even German coffe machine). But the reality is that the world has no longer boundaries and here we have: an Italian coffee, made by a machine made in Germany, designed in US by an Italian, using coffee grown in Brasil, toasted in Panama, sold in capsules made in China...
Ciao 4 now

shellie said...

its totally a collection....i dont know why i dont have one though? i guess because i use a french press....i think its so wonderful what your friends in japan are doing for everyone especially the children....i have been donating to global shinya has coffee/espresso bar in the workshop thats totally awesome and some serious coffee drinking....hope all is well in duarte!

GuitarSlinger said...

@ Shellie ;

French Press ! Two thumbs up .

But give a Bialatti a try for a stronger , more intense cuppa . Even the top chefs worldwide agree . These little aluminum miracles of the past bring out the best in what ever bean you buy .

As well as taking up very little space and being indestructible .

FYI / I use and love both .

My iron Hell said...

The truth is, he doesn't buy them for making coffee...
Turn them 90°, put two wheels and an engine on it... Looks suspiciously like "the needle" i'd say!!!

GuitarSlinger said...

@ My iron Hell ;

Too funny :o) I'm still laughing while I post this !

Luke Inazuma said...

Hold on!
When you talk about "caffettiera" (coffee machine) in Italian, you refer to a awful piece of iron unable of any performance... And it's not the case for Shynia!

menacing ayu said...

Beer, Bait, and Ammo: "anything over 2 is a collection." ai...

shellie: our friend found one at a swap meet and gave it to us. and then we found bigger and smaller sizes at thrift stores. i like french press, too!