Sunday, March 13, 2011

never lose hope for the future...

our friend's 11-year-old son, Kai, one of the fastest motocross racers in japan in 65cc class, just moved to the US 3 months ago to realize his dream. his dad, our friend, sold everything he had and came with him. his mom and his twin sister stay in japan for now (they were ok). still struggling with english he said he was having fun and already made many friends at school :) very brave. he had a couple of very important trial heats over the weekend. instead of making him worried by telling him about this devastating catastrophe in japan, we just told him to do his best and purely enjoyed watching him ride.

友達の11歳の息子Kノスケは日本で1,2位を競う凄腕ちびっ子モトクロスレーサー。 ワールドチャンピョンという夢を叶える為に3ヶ月前にお父さん(友達。持っているもの全部売って来た)と二人で渡米。英語も全く話せないのに現地校に通い、毎日が楽しいと言う大物っぷり。お母さんとKノスケの双子のお姉ちゃんは今のところ日本でお留守番。(今回の地震では無事でした)そんなKノスケ、8月にあるとても重要なレースの予選が今週末あるというので観に行ってきた。しっかりしているけど、感受性の強いまだまだ子供な11歳。日本の惨事ばかりを伝えていたずらに不安にさせるより、目の前のレースを思いっきり走ることに集中してほしい、と純粋に応援してきました。

 he crashed and retired today's first heat.
motorcycle was was all up to him 
if he wanted to go for the heat 2 or not.
i saw his swollen arm and thigh 
and he was very low for a while.
he stayed in his dad's truck by himself...
then i heard his voice saying 
"but i'm not giving up!" wow



getting ready for the heat 2


right after the start. 4th from the top.




he rode a stock bike in the modified class
and got the 2nd place!


茨城県大洗の M-style motorworks のO内さんと直接連絡が取れました。3日ぶりに電気がきたそうです。負けないで! 同じく茨城県水戸市のGrass HopperのBD店主さまがブログを更新されました。ご無事で安心いたしました。皆様まだまだこれから大変だと思いますが、応援しています、がんばって。


Alfred said...

Great spirit.
Even with his helmet on, you can guess a big, proud smile!

shellie said...

what a great story!

Stevie.. said...

Good luck to the little brave kid and I also pray for Japan.

GuitarSlinger said...

Ayu ;

Let me know if you'd like a good ESL school recommendation for this young mans future in the town he's living in .

My wife was an internationally recognized ESL Teacher Author and Professor ( for teachers of ESL ) till she changed careers and still has her connections nationwide .

I know she'd be glad to give some good recommendations ( lots of junk ESL schools all over )

Japan is in our prayers also as my wife has many many former students in the prefects that were hit .

BCM said...

Motocross, It get's in your blood at a very early age & it never leaves.

Jason said...

Kids rule!

Anonymous said...

Hello.... I am Kai's fifth grade teacher Ms. Klimek! It is so cool to see his racing pictures. I am going to show them to his classmates. They will love them. GO KAI!!!

menacing ayu said...

Alfred: i was too excited and forgot to take pictures of him without the helmet :)

shellie: :) we were heartened by just watching him.

Stevie: thank you.

GuitarSlinger: thank you. he's doing pretty well communicating with his friends and teachers now. sooner or later his teacher will help him get some kind of tutoring session for reading and writing...but for now, he just need to get used to the new environment. i came here when i was about his age and it took about 4 months to get used to the american school life :)

menacing ayu said...

BCM: :)

Jason: yup!

menacing ayu said...

Ms. Klimek: Thank you for posting your comment here. I came to America when I was about Kai's age and I still remember my first teacher! Yes, GO GO KAI!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am the principal at Kai's current school and it is great to see the pictures. I am hoping to be able to see a live race some day. GO KAI!

menacing ayu said...

Thank you for posting your comment, Principal! Yes, GO KAI!!