Monday, April 11, 2011

got through a day without a nap...

 our sunday got warmer in no time...
shinya took off his leather jacket,
changed the bike, and got out again.

 it got hot after all :)
the best weather for riding.



Emmet said...

new beard huh?

Inazuma Luke said...


Same in Rome: we had a anticipation of Summer, and I have been riding around alone, without any destination, for the entire Monday afternoon... A visit to the beach was compulsory. Average temp is currently 10° celsius above the sesonal average.

This is joy of life!

GuitarSlinger said...

Heat . Not for me thanks .

Give me 65 f . low humidity and a bit of altitude any day .

menacing ayu said...

Emmet: ??

Inazuma Luke: great!

GuitarSlinger: well, when we get triple digit here, that's the heat. we had about 74F°,was a perfect day for riding :)