Thursday, May 26, 2011

have a breather...

thinking of you, TP...especially when shinya uses those grinders.


 -- under construction --
gas cap and air breather

ガスキャップとブリーザー が付いた。


GuitarSlinger said...

After yesterdays Tornado threats here in KC I'm in need of a serious breather myself .

One missed where I live by about 200 yards and it not quite reaching the ground .

Unnerving to say the least .

Ty said...

I need a breather too. Obsessed with the opening of Hook Motors Bologna, I barely thinking straight!

Bozi said...

Guitar slinger- you are a lucky fellow. My Mom is in Independence, they haven't been hit, but yes, un nerving. Theres so many this year.

I love this bike. the tank look nice.

GuitarSlinger said...

@ Ty

I feel your pain .

I'm waiting also so's I can order that Tee Moto Chic for stage & street !

@ Bozi - Thanks for the concern . Much appreciated

TP said...

Paddle-switch grinders make grinding fun!
Shinya's gotten lots of use out of that shirt,
I gotta get my brother to print some more.

Hopefully I'll drive the roadster pickup up there
soon (fathers day maybe?) and visit!


menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: very scary. glad that you guys were safe.

Ty: take it easy and good luck!

Bozi: thank you. hope your mother is safe.

TP: look forward to seeing you and your roadster pickup soon!!