Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hot and sexy...guys on the lake bed...

Julio of bean bandit in his new machine with his supporting buddies.

bean banditのフリオのニュー・マシーン、緑のcreature号とサポートする仲間達。

 Julio Hernandez on the return road


first, you need to build the race machine. second, you need to get out there and race it. third, you need to make it really fast step by step. that's all Julio does. and that's why we respect him.




 71 years old guy still racing!



shellie said...

hehehe hot n sexy....looks like it was a lot of fun!

Bozi said...

the 71 year old fellows Ride looks fairly, um, serious. Alky blown motor, 33" tires, dual chutes.


Tell Zap, the Book he sighned for Doug (Dragon), came to me a couple years ago, & now it has moved onto another soul. His note to Dragon still in it, Dragons note to me, & my note to matt. :-)

GuitarSlinger said...

That Belly Tank is the business .

71 and still racing . Like I keep telling the younger folks

We " Old Guys Rule "

or as a Hot Rod sage once said ;

" Old Age and Guile beats out Youth and Enthusiasm Every time "

Well maybe not every time ..... but you get the point .

Anonymous said...

Hot and sexy is right! Hubby gets jealous. I think hubby ought to learn to build bikes! Or at least figure out how to change the brakes on the car...

menacing ayu said...

shellie: :) yes, it was fun.

Bozi: Zap signed what book?!

GuitarSlinger: it's amazing to see old AND young people enjoying the same thing there.

Anonymous: :)

Ty said...

You have been spending a lot of time on the salt flats lately. Looks like a lot of good stuff going on. You guys are lucky because in France and even worst in Italy, we can only use the salt falts to get sea salt...Nothing is quite big enough for speed maniac.
So enjoy and continue sharing. Thanks

menacing ayu said...

Ty: this is dry lake. we have race there in may, june, july and then in august we go on salt flats then come back on dry lake in september, october and november. yes, we realized how big america is. nothing was quite big enough for speed maniac in japan, either :)

Bozi said...

oops, I got Kaz, & Zap mixed up :-)

menacing ayu said...

Bozi: oh, OK!!