Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a seashell...

 "gauge hood"



shellie said...

love the seahell action!!!

Bunny Bike Co said...

I would like to submit my name for the apprentice position;)

GuitarSlinger said...

Heck , I'd like to submit my name for unpaid Gopher ( go for this , go for that ) and general all around Grunt .

I'm guessing a few months in your shop would inspire at least another five or so compositions seeing as how just looking from afar has already inspired one .

bobx said...

very cool. as usual.


shinya kimura said...

shellie: really? thank you.

Bunny Bike Co: hahaha

GuitarSlinger: you will be very disappointed if you stay in my workshop for a few months...thrift store, swap meet, thrift store, reading books, swap meet, coffee break, napping, work, thrift store...this is my daily routine.

bobx: thanks!