Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in downtown tokyo 60 years ago...

shiya got those old family photos from his older brother in tokyo the other day. those were taken probably 15,16 years before shiya was born so it was in mid 40's. as i mentioned here before, shinya knew that his grandpa loved motorcycles but he never knew that his father was also into motorcycles until he saw these pictures. wow


shinya's uncle on rear, can't recognize the guy in front, at in front of his grandpa's factory building. but this 30's Harley Davidson WL was owned by shinya's dad. it says "KIMURA RIVET FACTORY INCORPORATED" on the sign on the front fender. very rare to see Harleys in this era in tokyo. wow

こちら後ろに乗ってらっしゃるのが木村氏の叔父さま。前の方は誰でしょう、分からないそうです。しかし、この30年代のハーレーWL は木村氏のお父様が所有してらしたご様子。フロントフェンダーのサインに【木村製鋲株式会社】と記されているのが確認できます。素晴らしい!お祖父様の工場前にて。
 the little boy is shinya's older brother who kept these pictures and gave to shinya recently. the motorcycles behind are Lilac and Harley Davidson.


shinya's mom and grandma. a girl on the left in a box is shinya's older sister. the motorcycle is Lilac and KNS was his grandpa's company logo.


 shinya's dad on the left with his Lilac motorcycle. just like shinya, his dad put his motorcycle goggles on his forehead.

shinya's grandpa's factory 
also it was shinya's playground when he was little. he said he still remembers the smell of the oil and sound of the machines and metal.


it had line shafts in the ceiling through out the factory and wooden handles hanging down to engage the leather belts connected directly to each machinery to drive them... shinya loved the starting sounds of the shafts and all the machines in the morning.



shellie said...

the photos are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow super cool photos. I better understand now. The world of steel and oil, gears and bearings; it is a part of you.

Shinya - What did your Grandfather manufacture?

Anonymous said...

Man, that's family history! Good stuff!


shinya kimura said...

shellie: i'm glad that my brother kept these photos.

Rockford: rivets

Hodge: yes, thank you!