Monday, July 4, 2011

get there and come back before it becomes absolute chaos...

all of a sudden shinya wanted to drive off to see the pacific ocean. it was probably 4:30 in the morning.


only few people were at the pier, fishing...


it has been almost four months after the disaster in japan. four months, and nothing definite has been solved yet. the ocean was calm this morning but i felt weak at the knees to just see the water. we walked, thought and talked about many things...


we all simply headed off for here day after day during the cannonball. good times...whatever it is and it might take a while but we will definitely fall over a finish line as long as we are moving forward.


headed back before people get was very calm all over the town.



matt machine said...

love that post ayu.

My iron Hell said...

Moving forward is sometimes all a person can do...and sometimes, it takes a special person just doing so! ;)

MOTOR said...


GuitarSlinger said...

Reminds me of when I was a kid growing up on the East Coast , spending my summers at the Grand Parents Beach house .

Waking up at Sunrise , every day , first to collect shells ( you got the best of the best before everyone else was awake ) and then off to underneath the Boardwalk ( amusement park pier ) to find all the change dropped thru the boards from the night before . All with a simple kitchen strainer .

Usually wound up with enough every morning to pay for a bike rental , round of miniature golf and a night at the boardwalk .

Simpler times and cheaper prices to say the least .

Oh and did I forget to mention the 2-3 hours of absolute privacy , with the only sound being that of the ocean and seagulls ?

ratchetface said...

Keep it in forward.

Keep it in D.

Not N. Not R.

Keep on keepin' on.

Beautiful post - so well said.

Carlito said...

touching. words and foremost the pictures.
you are both poets n your own way. and you truly compensate each other's world


menacing ayu said...

matt machine: thanks, matt!

My iron Hell: ah, that's true.

MOTORさん: ここよりもチャボのメールアドレスchabottinfo@gmail.comにメールくださったほうが良いと思います。

GuitarSlinger: "the early bird catches the worm" :) it's so nice to walk around in early morning. now and then.

ratchetface: thank you!

Carlito: thank you :)

MOTOR said...

menacing ayuさん、ありがとうございました。

occhiolungo said...

Ayu, thanks for posting that. It made me feel a little lost, but in a good way.

menacing ayu said...

MOTOR: どういたしまして。

occhiolungo: i can recall every moments of that race so clearly but it's so dreamy at the same time and still can't believe that we actually did it...

SakeRacer said...

hei ayu...
is that email
still valid??

i just sent u something!