Thursday, July 7, 2011

the way of expressing "LOVE"...

our friend W of forty eight just arrived from japan. he visits us all the time but this time it's a bit different. he just got married and this will be his honeymoon. his newly-wed wife will be arriving later. we offered him to use my duster for his honeymoon because we know that he loves moper and it's too boring to see him driving around a rent-a-car. his passion for old american cars especially muscle cars are real. it's his profession, hobby, and his everything. a couple years ago, when Niimie's falcon was still here, W spent all of his vacation days here and worked on it just for fun.


now the original blinkers are working.


these guys are truly a gearhead.

oh, and no buttocks were showing but i blurred it just in case...hehe my duster now has no oil leaking and no play in the steering because W adjusted the wheel bearings. the sweetest part is that he didn't do it for me he did it for his wife for their best honeymoon



budoka said...

i can understand W San's feeling, Ayu San. i would probably pay money to be able to touch one of my beloved Mopars right now. unfortunately my Roadrunners are many thousands of miles away.

maybe Sugisack San will let me do something to his Dodge Camper when he comes to visit BGK tomorrow.



menacing ayu said...

budoka: Dan-san, but you got a sweet knucklehead now!!! we enjoyed the video especially the first one!!haha did you have a chance to work on Sugisack-san's Dodge camper? our friend W and you are the Mopar brothers!!