Friday, August 19, 2011

on site saga...

the exhaust on the spike was two-in-one like this...



 can't see well in this picture but long story short, they separated the 2in1 to 2 to increase efficiency. it didn't make much difference this time but they tried everything they could to make it faster on-site!!



Bastybikes said...

As I remember spyke has a lot of engine performance modifications .. I am just curious how far a knucke can be pushed ...

does spike have original bore and stroke?

carburation ..i remember the two likerts on the spyke but on the salt flats photos i see an s&S?

exaust ...

I remember some photos recalculating the gearbox ratio ..

I would try also folowing stuff :
-a lighter flywheel
-high compresion pistons
-polished interior of the intake and exaust of the heads
-2 more angles at the valves and valve seat (but this can lower valve cooling if it is too extreme)

maybe it helps :)

menacing ayu said...

Bastybikes: thanks.