Sunday, August 14, 2011

still modifying the muffler...

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Alfred said...

Very addictive, this story. I keep coming back to see if you got more pics/info :-)
Like Bozi, I'm curious about times and progression etc.
Good luck and have fun (at least it is sunny over there, over here it rains for 2 weeks now and I'm jealous)

guitarSlinger said...

Just remember Shinya . At Bonneville a personal best is as good as a record

Keep those photos coming Ayu !

So far you're the most up to date site photo wise on the 2011 Speedweek

menacing ayu said...

Alfred: thank you! i finally posted all the result. thanks for waiting :) it rained a little but the weather was perfect!

guitarSlinger: thank you so much for your support :)