Wednesday, August 17, 2011

we didn't wanna hold back the result but...

on the first day second run. the result on the official website says 0.000 but shinya did run through. he said it was the first time in a while he felt good. we always pick up the timing slip on the way back to our pit from the course right after the run and we did this time as usual. these slips are very important for us not just for the result but it has all the information from temperature, wind speed and direction, to barometric elevation etc at that moment. they didn't have our slip and we had to wait for a while. they had 4 courses this year so maybe the tower got bit busy, we thought... then they said they couldn't find any and asked us to come back the next morning. so we went back to our pit and went for the 3rd run. couldn't decide what went right or wrong without the 2nd result so our first day was over in a pent-up feelings...


the timing slips
even when you did turn out, you'll get a slip.


and next morning we were told that they couldn't print out the result anything older than 45 minutes but they could give us one in handwriting and that's official, too. 


128.240/mph? no way!
our own record is 110/mph so far and we're shooting for 125/mph at this moment. this number might beat the present record, man! no way. shinya said he felt good but it wasn't 128/mph good. so shinya said he'd get something close to that number again to prove it and then i can post it on our blog. which never happened during this speed week...we checked the official site when we got back to our workshop and it didn't say 128 so it will be something else. not 0.000, though.


107.72/mph from the second day is also missing from their website result...we should contact BNI later.

2日目のこの107マイルの記録もオフィシャル サイトには出てないし・・・こんなこと今までなかったけどな・・・後でBNIに問い合わせてみることにしよう。

our 16-year-old dog is a regular on the dry lake but it was her first time on the salt flats. we thought the cannonball last year was our last road trip together...but she's tough!


and she said "we all had a fun on the salt so that's all good!" yes, that's true.  and we have more races left in september and october at dry lake in el mirage. we'll keep trying!



matt machine said...

beautiful post. i bet it was 128....if not its ok, shinya felt good thats all that matters....makes me think of him in the little film talking about how peaceful it is...i bet he felt the peacefulness on that run....

and, our dog is a bit like your dog....old and tough...but much smaller.

welcome back from the salt all in one "peace"

けんび~ said...


rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

menacing ayu said...

matt machine: thank you, matt!!

けんび~: なるべくはやくあそびにきてね。えりまきいぬより。

rental mobil: thank you for reading!!

shellie said...

oh i want to kiss your old puppy!!! 128??? that scares the crap out of me.

menacing ayu said...

shellie: yeah, she still has this puppy cuteness.