Saturday, September 10, 2011

are you a classic car buff?

 had scuds of rain in early morning but we heard that there were 390 japanese classic cars and 30 japanese classic motorcycle at the show this year.


shinya told me that people used to call these cars "hydroscope" in japan.


 vinyl all the way!

mr.K's Z


Anonymous said...


Your photography just keeps getting better and better! Really like the low angle/offset framing shots. Quite nice.

menacing ayu said...

Rockford: thank you very much :)

My iron Hell said...

It's true what Rockford says!
About the classics(cars and bikes),
that's my youth! When 18 me and my brothers all had our own cars. We only could afford second hand. In those days the datsuns were the sh*t!!! They were cheap secondhand and nobody seemed to know the potential these cars had. They where almost unbreakable, and if so, cheap in parts. They would run like Swiss made sewing machines..Datsun 100A coup, 100A cherry, 120Y, toyota celica... Even drove a couple of years in a Suzuki Alto 3cilinder automat!!! One hell of a gocart héhé

The bikes, never had the kawa's, but used all the T and later GT range from Suzuki. T250, T500, GT380 and GT550, only "THA BOMB" the GT750 stayed out of our reach... With the T250 i drove everyday to school , had two saddlebags with all my tools in it, so when the carburettors flooded, i could clean the flooding needles in less than 10minutes and still be in time at school!!! At the stop signs it would beat the shit out of any four stroke up to 750cc!! The beginings of my mechanical days, purely out of economical reasons...Loved those days!!!