Sunday, November 13, 2011

are you finding everything ok?

@ fairfax high swap meet. shinya found exactly the same book (wild cars) that he found 35 years ago at the used book fair in tokyo. it costed him a fortune back then but it was 3 bucks at the swap meet :) oh and his left hand looks scary in this picture...


found a triangle mechanic's chair


and then, he found this workbench with drawers and two vises on top table.


 removed one of the vises to make more space on top.


it looks good with the indian!



Anonymous said...

love making a good find at fleas!

speaking of which, i just moved out to the tokyo/yokohama area, but any flea markets out here you or shinya could recommend?

much appreciated. looking forward to december and seeing some of shinya's work with my own eyes.

menacing ayu said...

Anonymous: i used enjoy one in yoyogi park but haven't been there for a long time...check here for some info.

i heard that Kamakura area has pretty good fleas, too. see you in yokohama!

Mats Brate said...

Oh, Wild Cars, lovely. I got my copy about 35 years ago, it didn't cost a fortune though. Filled with preferably strange British Hot Rods and Customs it was a great inspiration for me in the seventies when Hot Rod books and magazines were scarce in the town where I grew up.

menacing ayu said...

Mats Brate: wow! i think it costed fortune for 14 years old to buy a foreign book in japan 35 years ago. yen was pretty weak back then ;)