Sunday, November 6, 2011

in the parking lot...

 italian harley davidsons


renalt richtofit R5



GuitarSlinger said...

The Renault R5 Turbo . Boy does that ever bring back memories of my favorite all time automotive experience

An entire day back in the 80's , just me , an R5 and Trail Ridge Road ( Estes Park CO ) Blasting along the switchbacks before the tourists started coming . Blowing by a Vette and two 911's as they looked in shock while this Tonka Toy went flying by them as if they were standing still . The surprise of folks looking in while I was parked as I showed them where the engine was .

My absolute best and most fun drive ever .


Sure !

One of the best renault ever !

Light and powerfull !!

Originale does not exist in this red,
i think it's a TURBO 2....

And right, soooo fun to drive !

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: wow! that's awesome!

DA TEAM - FRIENDS: oh, it's a turbo 2? i'm not so familiar with renault but like to drive one some time.