Saturday, January 21, 2012

the answer to the FAQ, "so, what do you do besides this?"...

a while ago, out of the blue, shinya tried to fix the non-op honda XL100. he got the engine running and all of a sudden he lost his interest or something and pushed it to the back row. today, suddenly he took it out. he said he wanted to do something more on the engine just for a pastime.


 this is a box for XL parts :)


 the workshop became smokey...i'm not sure what he wants to do with this bike but as long as he's having good time, it's all right :)



Hairy Larry said...

You can always modify a 175 twin piston by machining the top of it for proper clearances and have a high compression big bore 'racing' piston. Might have to clearance the bottom of the skirt for crank clearance as well. Worked in a SL-100 my brother had. That and a 3/4 cam made that little bike wheelie.
I'm guessing the XL and SL motors are similar. Little Hondas are a blast. I still have that bike in pieces...someday, maybe I'll restore it...maybe make a 'dry lakes' bike out of it..haha

shinya kimura said...

Hairly Larry: little hondas are some of my favorite bikes of all time.