Tuesday, January 10, 2012

werra, twist that lens...

 shinya received a package from his friend in japan today. inside was his camera he left in japan. it's an early model werra! i've never seen this one in person.


 it was made by carl-zeiss jena lens factory from 1954,55 in old east germany. this camera was a gift from a good friend of shinya.

旧東ドイツのカール・ツアイス・イエナのレンズファクトリーで作られ、1954年くらいから発売されていたものだそうです。こんなカメラ見たことない! というより、どんだけマニアなんだ、木村氏!やっぱり・・・実は頂き物だと白状しました・・・だよねー

the cap becomes...

 a hood!


 pretty simple and elegant with a unique film transportation and shutter arming mechanism at the base of its tessar lens barrel. after each exposure, a section of the barrel could be semi-rotated to advance film and cock the shutter. how neat!



GuitarSlinger said...

Very cool . Like a 'baby' Leica M series , simplified .

Never seen one before this post and now I'm plowing thru the history online .

Thanks !

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: i've never seen one before, either! isn't it cool?

bobx said...

thats cool.