Tuesday, February 28, 2012

blizzard, oh, blizzard...

in the canyon after the rain = snow. the air was crispy chilly. because it was too cold, shinya started to laugh. why was he riding on a day like this?

no one was there at the cafe...

but an orange tabby.

lowest temp of the year.


we were there because we promised Zap that we would go for a photo shoot today. even when we told Zap it was very cold and might be snowing, he said "that's perfect, let's go!" :)


nope, i couldn't catch shinya but at least you can hear the sound of the mv agusta blue-one.


ElSolitarioMC said...

I would trade my pinkie for a ride on that MV... or the needle... or the twin cam... WAWAWIWA!

Busch Brothers said...

sounds great! I bet the pictures from Zap looked great!

GuitarSlinger said...

Brilliant ! The difference between a rider and a biker . the rider rides no matter what the weather . The photos alone make it worth suffering the cold .

Brilliant !

( me wants Zap's book . Snif )

Hairy Larry said...

Don't imagine many MV's are ridden through snow. Great video clip, wish it were longer.

menacing ayu said...

ElSolitarioMC: nooooo not a pinky, please! :D

Bush Brothers: zap won't let us see them yet. we'll see.

GuitarSlinger: me wants to show you the book :<

Hairy Larry: i was suppose to watch for the oncoming traffic ;)

Bushwacker said...

No weather could ever stop Shinya from having a good time!

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menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: so true. i personally much prefer to go for a ride on warmer days, though.