Sunday, February 19, 2012

like an archaeologist...

shinya said he could feel some lines underneath this someone-painted-it-white tank. must be the original paint he said, though i could not feel anything.


 oh, my!


 mint condition!


 the side cover, too.


for the all rusted rear and front fenders, he sprayed it...


 here is the all new honda XL100, one of shinya's personal bikes! now his hobby time is up...



t said...

Ha! Awesome!

Busch Brothers said...

wonderful! Bringing back history

pushrodmofo said...

Wow! Working magic with paint now too! How did he remove the white without destroying the original? Red is faster!

Hairy Larry said...

Patience rewarded. I did something similar with an old Fender guitar that some one had brush painted with multiple coats of varnish on the body, and spray painted over the beautiful tortoiseshell pick gaurd.

Now, is that an earlier 70's set of parts off of a SL-100?

Bushwacker said...

You are really brilliant Shinya! Well done! You never failed to surprise me, dude! :D

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menacing ayu said...

t: isn't it sweet?

Bush Brothers: yup!

pushrodmofo: i guess the original had some coating. he just rubbed with acetone to remove the white.

Hairy Larry: wow, fender guitar! it must have made you very happy when you saw the tortoiseshell pick guard came out. SL100 and XL100 have same exterior.

Bushwacker: shinya said "thanks, dude!"