Monday, March 12, 2012

B R A I D W O O D NSW...

 aussie D was here! (thank you for the t-shirts, matt machine!)


D: "oh, this is a bit tight for me!"
shinya: "hummm, you have such a big head, D!"
btw why was D trying the helmet on? because...

D:「あのぅ、ちょっとこのヘルメット小さいデス。」 木村氏「チミ、アタマでか過ぎちゃうのん?」  なんでビッグヘッドのDにヘルメットを被せているかと言うと・・・

 he had to ride the bike...


 to the canyon.


 because that's how we entertain our friends :) you are next, matt!



matt machine said...

i hope so ayu....this year is my year to finish our house then maybe next year its a trip to the USA....

D is one of my oldest friends...he was the first person i met at architecture school over 20 years ago.....more than half my life ago...

and yes he has the biggest head for a big brain to fit inside....always has XL helmets.....

maybe you and shinya can come here for a holiday too....ride the aussie countryside....not so much up and down more flat with small bumps.

love to you both.

Damo said...

Shinya and Ayu!!
It was so great to meet you both and to see your ART in person. There are as many wonderful tools, machines and objects in your workshop as there are incredible two wheeled sculptures in various stages of 'birth'.
Thank you so much for spending so much time with me and especially for the canyon ride 'taster'. I would love to come back and do that whole ride with you guys and Matt Machine one day soon.
Thank you also for the t-shirts! Awesome.
You have a bedroom at my house in Sydney if you want it on your way to visit Matt in Braidwood!
I will send you some of my shots really soon.
best wishes

menacing ayu said...

matt & damien: you guys are the best!