Thursday, March 1, 2012

the old crews...

 today was D's last day in america. shinya gave his favorite hat and jacket that he found at a thirft sotre to D. D and niimie worked with shinya for nearly 10 years when shinya was in japan. now they are all independent. very reliable fellows. irons MotorcyclE(D's)


 looked well with the duster.


 the last supper...



Bushwacker said...

Hi there Shinya! Your outfit for today is unique huh, I love the hat. :D

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menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: shinya gained 40lb? no, that's not shinya... ;)

HULK said...


どちらかといえば、D イゴ君はこちらがわでおま。


Busch Brothers said...

hahaha, if Shinya keeps eating all the Donut Man Donuts, he will look like that in many years! Just kidding, he stays very busy :-) have a safe trip back D and Niimie

Bushwacker said...

@Menacing Ayu: Ooops! Sorry, my bad, I thought it was Shinya! Haha, my apologies. :)

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menacing ayu said...

HULK: Dイゴは間違いなくハルク側でおま。ベーコン・ベーコン!

Busch Brothers: hehehe

Bushwacker: don't be sorry! that was funny :D