Sunday, March 25, 2012

the only difference is...

 "since it started to rain, i'll be a hobbyist today." shinya told me twice. a hobbyist? what did he mean by hobbyist? work on XL100 again? i wondered.


shinya: "well, it's kinda your hobby, too."

木村氏 「あ、ちょっとメナシングアユさんの趣味とも言えるんだけど」

me: "it's my hobby, too?"

私 「え、私の趣味でもあるの?」

shinya: "ahh, maybe not your hobby but it's kinda your bike, you know?"

木村氏 「いや、あのう、メナシングさんの趣味というよりは、メナシングさんのバイクっていうか・・・」

me: "you need my bike for your hobby????"

私 「ん?私のバイクが趣味の時間に関係あるの???」

and i found that he already had something in his mind and put a huge mark on the rear section on my yamaha XT500.

見たらすでにyamaha XT500に何か切り取り線みたいなのが書いてある!

me: "ok, i didn't know you were interested in my XT but whatever. you didn't have to give out..."

私 「別にいいけど・・・わざわざ趣味の時間です宣言しなくても・・・」

shinya: "ah, because it's hard to tell the difference between my hobby and the work. i just wanted to let you know that i'm in my hobby time."

木村氏 「いや、ちょっと仕事なのか趣味なのか区別が付きにくいから、一応趣味の時間だってことをお知らせしておこうかなと思ってさ。」


私 「なんじゃそりゃー」
and then he put a suzuki tank that he found at a swap meet long time ago and the seat cowl that he made for his GS1000 on the was nice but wasn't what he wanted.


yup. shinya was right. it's definitely hard to tell if it's his hobby time or his work time.



the only difference i could find was that shinya was pretty relaxed, drinking coffee in between his tasks which he wouldn't do if he was working. well, the process is basically the same only he didn't spend much time because it was very casual and simple seat cowl compare to his usual creations.


 wow! i love my new XT though i liked my old one very much. i love his hobby :D shinya said hobby time was very important for him even if it looked like he was doing the same thing. i said to him, "you really enjoy making something, don't you?" and you know what he said? he said "no, i just love to see the shapes that i like and i have to make it in order to see them, that's all."


Pirate Tom said...

A friend of mine is a professional welder. Whenever I need some welding done at home, he literally begs me to let him do it for me. At work, it's work he says. Here, it's fun! It's how he relaxes.

budoka said...

i'm so glad you put the Japanese too, Ayu San. it's so funny.

even though i've never met you, i have a lot of love for you guys. much respect!


Bushwacker said...

Thanks to the rain, Shinya became a hobbyist for that day. And had some brilliant ideas that crossed his mind and did something with the bike.

Fender Flares | It's All About Car

Busch Brothers said...

thank you so much for posting this! It is great to hear how you two work together, it sounds like how we work together as brothers! :-) It is very nice to see how such beautiful art is created sometimes.

menacing ayu said...

Pirate Tom: wow. maybe it has something with the welding... :)

budoka-san: hahaha since we converse in japanese, it's more realistic than the english translation :D thank you for your warm comment!

Bushwacker: thank you rain!

Busch Brothers: we're more like brothers! doing different things but looking at the same direction. we know you guys are the same.

Kよ said...


menacing ayu said...

KよKよ: イエイ!