Friday, March 16, 2012

somewhere in san diego county...

on the way there was perfect, smooth and elegant. in contrast, on the way back, another 100 miles to go, was different. i sensed right away. it sounded different and acted different. i thought i even heard a snap sound. it had no power. i told shinya. at first he was skeptical but eventually trusted my words, a person who drove across the u.s. by the van. both ways.


this doesn't look good. we haven't removed the cover inside for quite a long time. the van really has been a brilliant partner. not today, though :<  didn't know exactly what was wrong but it definitely had a problem.

こ、これは久々の光景だ。中のカバーを開けるようなことは最近では何も起こっていない。 それが余計に深刻さを醸し出す。「エンヂン逝っちまったかな」と、なぜか劇画タッチな木村氏がハードボイルド風につぶやく。

shinya couldn't solve the problem on site but the van was still drivable so we decided to take it easy and move forward taking back roads...........later it got dark and there were no more back roads, we had to take a freeway at least for 30 miles. we did. the smoke started to come from the engine room through the inside cover, filled the van with the smoke like a cheech and chong nice dream truck. the max speed we could get was around 50mph. it started to rain but we had to keep all the windows down otherwise we couldn't breath and the smoke sting our eyes. after a while, the van gained the power back and i could go 65mph, was still smoking, though. i looked at shinya and he said, GO GO GO! so i stepped on the gas and went all the way back to our workshop by freeway. thank god, we made it!



Busch Brothers said...

hahaha! your story is hilarious! It sounds like our trip to bonneville 2009 in our Chevy van :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah the joys of vanning. Seems like that if you want to add washer fluid to a van; you have to take the dog house off first....
Am inspired by the courage friends.
+ energy in route.

happy hernandez said...