Friday, March 2, 2012

the very first kick...

after shinya replaced the old pistons to the special ordered ROSS pistons. shinya waited for niimie to come for this special ceremony :)


wow! see niimie's surprised look? what a good start!


hey, shinya! do you have any used spark plugs handy? well, i think it's beautiful not to waste even one old parts. you never know when something is going to come in handy. get creative with what we already have, reuse them for something different and give them back to life! the old indian and one of shinya's drawers taught me so.



matt machine said...

yep...n looks at s and you can see the smiles.

too good....yep perfect start.

Busch Brothers said...

we too save EVERYTHING- every nut, bolt, washer, and we also have a box of old spark plugs! You never know when you will need them- and they would make a great artistic metal sculpture at some point!

menacing ayu said...

matt machine: and it sounds more stronger and smoother than last year!

Busch Brothers: we share the same view :)